Roof Lantern, Roof-Light & Room Dome Cleaning

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Roof Lantern, Roof-Light & Room Dome Cleaning

Roof Lanterns – also known as rooflights or glass roof domes- can be awkward and difficult to keep clean on a regular basis. Due to how they’re positioned, they’re more likely to attract tree sap, vehicle pollution and bird droppings than normal types of windows. It’s highly recommended that you get professionals – just like Abacus Window Cleaners – to come in and assist you every 6 months or so to ensure maximum effect.

Abacus Window Cleaners understand just how difficult it can be to reach the outside of your roof lanterns or rooflights and it’s a dangerous job to take on yourself.  Our team is fully-trained and uses a technique where ladders are NOT needed.  So, don’t risk your health or potential injury and save your time. We’re your local professionals you can count on!

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Why Is Roof Lantern Cleaning Important?

One of the main reasons people install roof lanterns and rooflights installed in the first place is to maximise natural light coming into the property.  Roof lanterns are becoming an ever increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners as it helps to save money on energy bills and they’re also a fantastically environmentally friendly alternative to artificial light.

However, they do need to be maintained for full effect.  When you trust Abacus to clean your roof lanterns, we use our reach and wash system and water-fed poles, working from the safety of the ground, to get your rooflights looking brand-new, once again. Even better, we never use water with chemicals as all water used is 100% purified.

How Often Will I Require This Service?

As roof lanterns are commonly found installed in domestic properties, rather than commercial properties, it can be quite a quick and easy job for us to complete.  In regards to how many times you may need to use this service, we recommend at least once a year but preferably twice if you’re looking for the best natural light to enter your property.  This is because once algae and other outdoor elements build up, natural sunlight is blocked.

The Abacus team understands that you may be tempted to take on this job yourself as part of your own DIY.  However, we strongly recommend getting in touch with professionals like ourselves, as a much better and safer alternative.  We have the adequate health and safety procedures in place and 20+ years of experience in the industry. 

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Here at Abacus, we’re proud to be your local ‘’go to’’ window cleaners in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire; we’d love to assist you.  Have you neglected your roof lanterns and rooflights for several months?  Are they starting to get so dirty that natural sunlight is being blocked out?  Call our today at Abacus Window Cleaners today and we’ll get your rooflights back to their best condition.  We’ll remove all unwanted elements so sunlight can easily shine through, saving you money on your energy bills and being kinder to the environment.

If you prefer to email us, you can simply fill out our online contact form and leave us your enquiry about our roof lantern or full comprehensive list of window cleaning services.  Our team will get back to you as soon as possible!