Health & Compliance – Health & Safety Policy Statement

keeping you, your customers and our staff all safe

Health & Compliance – Health and Safety Policy Statement 

Abacus Window Cleaning Ltd recognises and accepts its responsibility to provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all, including members of the public, visitors, customers, contractors and members of staff.

Abacus Window Cleaning Ltd will:

  1. Carry out risk assessments and periodically monitor and review all work activities involving window cleaning.
  2. Ensure all necessary measures are taken to reduce any risks found as a result of the assessment.
  3. Ensure all equipment used in the operation is suitable for its purpose, is in good working order, and free from defect. This equipment will be obtained from reputable suppliers and manufacturers and conforms to the relevant British and European Standards.
  4. Ensure that all equipment used is clearly identified and regularly inspected and maintained.
  5. The correct safety equipment and protective clothing is used and maintained in good working order and is properly used.
  6. Maintain a record system which identifies all company equipment used in window cleaning operations and logs each inspection, repair and maintenance procedure undertaken.
  7. Ensure all equipment is stored correctly.
  8. All accidents are properly reported and recorded. Lost time accidents will be investigated and steps taken to identify and eliminate recurrence.
  9. Safe methods of work are developed and adopted at all times.

All employees on their part are encouraged to contribute actively towards achieving a work environment that is free of accidents, incidents and ill health.

This health and safety policy will be reviewed annually and amended and updated as necessary. This policy and any changes to it will be brought to the attention of all affected.

David Kinsella
Managing Director 

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